We are WolfThemes, a small yet dynamic team of web designers and developers that specialize in premium WordPress themes and plugins. We use the latest coding standards with a modern design aesthetic to create high-quality WordPress themes that work for just about any industry or purpose.

What sets us apart is our ability to understand our users and create the best WordPress themes suited for their needs. Our themes are made simple and functional right out of the box, yet offer high customization for more advanced users. Today, over 17,000 people use any one of our WordPress themes to power their websites, from agencies to designers to musicians.

I’m Constantin Saguin, 33 years old, a Themeforest Author and the founder of WolfThemes. I’m a WordPress developer and designer living in France with my girlfriend and two pets. I love coding, designing, and giving people a chance at owning their very own presence on the web.

My team and I are located in different parts of the world, yet we work together to create and maintain our suite of premium WordPress themes and plugins. We tackle each design or coding challenge with sharp attention to details and a clear understanding of what our customers need in a WordPress theme.

At WolfThemes, we love coding and designing with WordPress because it enables us to create world-class themes and functional plugins for a variety of people and industries. From music to design to photography, our themes are carefully crafted to work for anyone who wishes to establish their online presence. By choosing WordPress, you empower yourself to create your own platform on the web, be it a portfolio of your best work or an online business.

Our mission is simple: build with the user in mind. We want our users to focus on what they do best, not how to make their themes work. We code, design, and maintain all of our themes and plugins to ensure each item looks great and functions seamlessly. We pay close attention to details and focus exactly on what our users need.

Step into the WordPress dashboard and you’ll see that our special admin interface is a clear example of this. It’s built with all of the customization options you need to easily design the look and feel of your site.

I published and sold my first WordPress theme for musicians on Themeforest back in 2012. Since then, I’ve coded, designed, and sold several WordPress themes for a variety of people and industries. It soon became evident that we needed to expand, and that led to a small team of talented individuals dedicated to building new themes and maintaining our existing collection. This is WolfThemes today.