6 Forest Photo Backgrounds

Here a set of original photos with very light photoshop filters. Feel free to download the pack and use these for any of your projects, commercial of personal.

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WP-CLI : A command line interface for WordPress

If you are a WordPress developer, there is probably a lot of boring tasks you have to do over and over, like installing WordPress from scratch for testing purpose, outside your usual dev environment.

Every time you’re installing wordpress, you have to download the files, create the wp-config.php file, set you mysql credentials etc..

Here is where WP-CLI becomes very handy.

WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress. You can install wordpress, install plugins, generate posts and much more, without using a web browser.

It is recommended to be familiar with command lines. But if you use git, grunt or gulp, I guess you already are!


So the first thing to do is install wp-cli on your environment.

The most simple way to do it is to install it with composer (a PHP dependency manager), then add it to your PATH (environment variables)

composer create-project wp-cli/wp-cli --no-dev

For more infos about installation, check the wp-cli website.

If it’s installed corectly, you should be able to check the version with

wp --version


Here are some very useful commands that I use very often.

A simple text file that you can modify for each project (set specific plugins and themes) and be able to retrieve you working environment in a few seconds (I mean literally in a few seconds)

You will find all available commands on wp-cli.org.

Bagpakk : A minimal front-end CSS framework

I was tired of re-writing the same CSS structure for all my projects, over and over again. So I created Bagpakk.

Bagpakk is available on github, and of course you’re free to use it for your projects.

Bagpakk is a minimal lightweight front-end framework.

Bagpakk comes with the minimum. Nothing more.

Unlike huge CSS frameworks like twitter bootstrap or foundation, Bagpakk offers a minimal scaffold to build your web application.

  1. WordPress Ready : The WP version of bagpakk comes with all wordpress default classes
  2. Responsive : Fits to any devices using Progressive Enhancement
  3. Developper Friendly : Build for developper with a simple & readable SCSS structure


  • typography
  • main container classes
  • grid system
  • buttons
  • form
  • fluid video wrapper
  • media queries
  • useful scss mixins and functions

SCSS Usage

  1. Paste the content of the bagpakk SCSS folder into your web app SCSS folder
  2. Rename the bagpakk.scss file or bagpakk-wordpress.scss file with an underscore: _bagpakk.scss
  3. Import the bagpakk SCSS file into your main project stylsheet

Edit the _settings.scss file variables if needed to change the accent color, fonts, mobile break points etc…
Now you can extend your CSS selectors from any bagpakk class and use all mixins and functions

View the project page

Wordpress Security

WordPress Security Tips

Most of the time, the problem with WordPress and security isn’t going to be themes or plugins, it’s actually how you configure your WordPress install:

  • Keep your WP core up to date
  • Secure login and password (never use “admin” as username or login)
  • Changing Authentication Unique Keys and Salts in wp-config.php
  • Unique database prefixes (avoid “wp_”)
  • Use of permalink structure
  • etc..

Also a very secure database password is strongly recommended.
Another thing: a lot of people will name their database “wordpress”, choose another database name.

Issues may also come from non-reliable and non-secure web hosting company servers (cheap ones).

Here is a post on wptuts that may be useful. There is few steps in this post to help you to secure your wordpress installation.

You will also find a lot of plugin to improve your security.

This post is not a complete wordpress security guide but only a few tips to help you to get started.


News for september 2013

Hey folks,

Hope your summer went well! I was a little bit less active on the support forum as everything was pretty much slow this past weeks.
No worries, back to work! And I come up with news!

Important plugin update

I guess update the plugins manually was a pain in the a**, but I have a good news for you:
From now on, all plugins will behave just like any WP plugins from wordpress.org

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