Wolf jPlayer is a WordPress plugin based on the jPlayer jQuery plugin.

Has now a color tone option! (since 1.1)

This plugin allow you to display your own mp3 player on your WordPress web site.

You can create an unlimited number of playlist, with self hosted songs, with a custom logo and options for each.

For each song, you can set “buy” links to itunes, amazon or your own store; You can upload an artwork for each track and even allow free download for chosen songs.

And there is more: you can share your hosted custom player’s URL or embed code by simply clicking on the “share” icon on the top right of the player.

Any playlist can be embed anywhere, exemple here.

The Wolf jPlayer WordPress plugin is responsive and has been tested on mobile devices (IOS, Android)

Download v2.1.7.4


Created: 2 years ago

Updated: 1 year ago

239 2.6 K

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the plugin zip folder by clicking on the "Download" button above.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go in plugins -> add new, and choose the "upload" option.
  3. Upload the plugin zip folder and click on "Activate plugin".

Being a free product, this plugin is distributed as-is without official support. Verified customers however, who have purchased a premium theme will have access to support for this plugin in the forums.


25 August 2014 - Version

  1. Updated jPlayer script to 2.6

07 June 2014 - Version

  1. Fixed popup URL (double slash)

19 April 2014 - Version

  1. Fixed minor bug with the media library not closing automatically on media selection
  2. Display only audio for song and image for poster to select in the media library

9 March 2014 - Version

  1. Fixed unclosed style tag in includes/jplayer-show.php

31 March 2014 - Version 2.1.7

  1. Added song count before adding a scrollbar option

25 March 2014 - Version 2.1.6

  1. Fixed bug with colorpicker

11 March 2014 - Version 2.1.5

  1. Fixed widget bug due to the last update

11 March 2014 - Version 2.1.4

  1. Add more data sanitization
  2. Cleaned up PHP
  3. Separate tipsy.js from admin js file to avoid conflicts

7 March 2014 - Version 2.1.3

  1. Fixed loader bug on playlist single page
  2. Optimized single playlist URL to avoid the page to be hooked by is_front_page or is_home
  3. Updated language files

6 March 2014 - Version 2.1.2

  1. Added scrollbar option for more than 5 songs playlist (beta)
  2. Customized single playlist URL
  3. Compressed assets to improve performance
  4. Improved loader style
  5. Added background opacity option

10 February 2014 - Version 2.1.1

  1. Improve responsive behavior in very small container

16 December 2013 - Version 2.1.0

  1. Fix overlay bug in popup player when closing the "share" panel
  2. Added option to generate facebook and google+ meta on playlist single page
  3. Clean up

09 December 2013 - Version 2.0.9

  1. Improve mobile detection for the loader

20 November 2013 - Version 2.0.8

  1. Added default artwork option for playlist
  2. Cleaned up jquery.custom.js
  3. Added loader for desktop

2 November 2013 - Version 2.0.7

  1. Fixed bug with embed playlists

24 October 2013 - Version

  1. Fixed error message in debug mode

21 October 2013 - Version 2.0.6

  1. Fixed bug on iPhone
  2. Added ogg option

8 September 2013 - Version

  1. Fixed error message on the plugin search page with WP debug mode on

28 August 2013 - Version 2.0.5

  1. Now uses the Wordpress update system

21 August 2013 - Version 2.0.4

  1. Fixed Missing icon in admin bar

8 August 2013 - Version 2.0.3

  1. Fixed volume bar bug
  2. Some Clean up

28 July 2013 - Version 2.0.2

  1. Fixed occasional bug with safari

03 July 2013 - Version 2.0.1

  1. Improved theme CSS compatibility

30 June 2013 - Version 2.0

  1. Improved responsive behavior
  2. Allows external mp3 URL
  3. Now uses the Wordpress media uploader : allows multiple uploads
  4. HD ready UI icons
  5. Updated jPlayer script to improve Platforms and Browsers compatibility
  6. If you have any issues after the update you will have to re-save the styling options, re-set your songs URL

17 April 2013 - Version 1.1.1

  1. Apply custom color on popup and player single page

16 April 2013 - Version 1.1

  1. Color styling option added

01 March 2013 - Version 1.0

  1. Initial Release

239 thoughts on “jPlayer Playlist

  1. Bill 2 months ago

    I’m using the Speaker theme and I like it a lot so thank you first up. I find that when playing from the playlist in iOS, if the phone goes into “screen saver” mode you get to see the entire URL of the mp3 file that’s being played rather than just the title from the playlist. Is there a fix for this?

    1. BrutalDesign 2 months ago


      Sorry, I don’t know how IOS take this info and how to modify this…

  2. Julienne Mckee 2 months ago

    I just finished my website installation on the flycase theme and the jplayer was working fine. Then I updated the player yesterday and the art work and songs were no longer showing up on the player. I removed the play list and made a new one and that didn’t seem to work. I read another’s comment and you suggested to delete the plugin and download and instal it again. So I removed my plugin downloaded the plugin again and can’t find the zip-folder in the download to add to word press. I’m not having success in re-installing the plugin. Please help. Thanks

    1. BrutalDesign 2 months ago


      To download the laster version of the plugin, simply click on the downoad button above. The go in your wordpress plugin panel, and upload the downloaded file (
      I hope it will help

    2. Julienne 2 months ago

      Thanks for getting back to me. However, I did download the wolf player from the button above – 3 times, and went to WP to upload the file but it is not a zip file, and I can’t seem to find a zip file within the wolf-player file. When I click on the file it opens and wants me to click on another subfile but none of them are accepted by word press. Is the zip file missing? what exactly do I choose to upload? I’m not that experienced sorry if my question seems ignorant. I just can’t get it to upload to WP. Please help! thanks

    3. Julienne 2 months ago

      Just to let you know what I have tried….I clicked on the wolf-jplayer.php since it is the only one that seemed logical but got this message from WP-
      The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature
      I don’t see any zip file…. thx

  3. Stevie 3 months ago

    Hi, I also have recently encountered the error message “Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.” This is on the latest version of Chrome browser (Version 42.0.2311.135 (64-bit)).

  4. Keith Gregory 3 months ago

    Have not made site public (player) yet…but this player Freakin Awesome! Thanks!!

  5. Aaron 4 months ago

    This is a great plugin in many ways. However, one issue I’m running into is on mobile devices and in certain scenarios, the player will not advance to the next track in the playlist when the current track finishes. One such scenario is on iOS 8 using Safari, when the screen is locked; or, when a different app is open with Safari running in the background. I’ve also heard reports of the same issue on Android, though I haven’t tested it myself. Any idea why this would be happening and how to fix it?

  6. Peter 4 months ago

    Hello. Great plugin.
    Have an issue with the playlist. Songs don’t start after pressing play. They’are buffered, and they only play when I click in the timelapse (autoplay or not). If you have an idea…

  7. missodessa 4 months ago

    is there a way to change the link that open itunes/amazon/download so that they do not open up in a new window? Im looking for where the code is so I remove target=”_blank” bu can’t find it.

    1. BrutalDesign 4 months ago

      It is in assets/js/min/jquery.jplayer.concat.min.js

      As it is a compressed file, you should use Ctrl+f to search for the “_blank” string

      Hope it will help

  8. Tom 6 months ago

    Love the player. Works perfectly for us. Just curious if there is a way to load my mp3 files from Amazon s3?

    1. BrutalDesign 6 months ago


      You can set any mp3 URL to load your songs.


  9. Po 7 months ago

    Hello, this player is really cool. How can I disable the share option please ? Thank you for your help,

    1. BrutalDesign 6 months ago

      I will add an option to disable share buttons.

      For now you can use this CSS rule

  10. Ade Dizzle 7 months ago

    I think it would be nice if tracks can be uploaded as zip and also a button to download all songs in the playlist as zip. :).

    Also the name of the track playing dispalying

    1. BrutalDesign 6 months ago

      Thanks for the suggestions.


  11. Fabio 7 months ago

    Hello , you can add pagination in the administrative area of the playlist ? I have a considerable number of playlist … it would be ideal to have a selector as ” 25/50/100 etc” per page .

    1. BrutalDesign 6 months ago


      You can use the scroll option, but there is no pagination option


  12. Ian 7 months ago

    Hi, just wanted to say this is a great plugin – it works really well on my site. Many thanks! :-)

    I just wanted to write and make you aware of a problem with the latest version of Firefox on my Android device (Samsung Note 4) though. The music doesn’t load into the player and I get the following message:

    ‘Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.’

    Apart from that it’s great – still the best music player plugin out there. :-)

    1. BrutalDesign 6 months ago

      Thank you!

      Thanks for letting me know, I will fix that as soon as I find a solution.

  13. Mike Piedra 7 months ago


    I would like to use your player as oppose to the default wordpress player. How would I make it where your player is the one used when I click “insert media,” “create a playlist,” and “add playlist” in a post? I read a comment that you are not available for freelance work. Do you have a trusted companion that you can refer me to for freelance work?

    1. BrutalDesign 7 months ago


      It is not possible at the moment but it is actually a very good idea. I will think about it for the next update.


  14. Jess Messervey 8 months ago

    Bug in Safari – player control buttons are not displaying properly.
    – No volume control or progress bar
    – Rewind not displaying (may be hidden behind album cover)

  15. audioscapist 8 months ago


    I’m trying your plugin on my site and think it could be perfect, both for its looks and ease of use. The only issue is a white line below the play button on the player when I have it in the sidebar. This happens both as a widget and as shortcode within a widget. I have also tried to increase the width of the sidebar to no avail. The pop out is fine. Any ideas why this is so?

    Many thanks, Patrick.

  16. Douglas Hopper 8 months ago

    Man This So Awesome Finally After 2 Years Of Searching I Finally Found A Player Plugin & Its Free I Love It Thanks.

    1. BrutalDesign 8 months ago


  17. T.T 9 months ago

    Hi again,
    another request/suggestion

    It would be great if the share URL’s could be entered in a custom field. I assume that users will almost always be displaying the player in a post or page. Having the share link go to it’s own /player/ post type might not be beneficial. Users will want to send people to the post page.

    Thanks again, great work!

  18. T.T 9 months ago

    Great plugin! Thank you for making it free.

    A request / suggestion: Download button for full album (playlist). It’s great that each song can have it’s own download link, but I feel that for a playlist there should be one overall button to download the full album.

    I will most likely be purchasing a theme just for support on this plugin.

    Thanks again!

  19. Julio Covolato 9 months ago

    Good plugin!
    There are any way to enable for members to create his/her own playlist and share whith others members?

  20. Steve 9 months ago

    WordPress has a 2mb file upload limit, I’ve FTP’ed all the audio files to my website,
    but, when I go into Jplayer the only way to add the songs is the upload button.
    Is there a way to just use audio files that are already uploaded to the site?

    1. BrutalDesign 9 months ago

      Yes, you can enter the mp3 URL of your songs directly in the form field

  21. j3zz 9 months ago

    I installed the plugin (I purchased the Speaker theme) and can run smoothly the creation of a test playlist (including upload of a song) on my root website (using WP MU), but when I try to create a playlist for a network website, it seems that I get the successful message: “Your playlist has been created succesfully.” But nothing changed in the database (table: %_wolf_jplayer_playlists) and not even a display of the list of playlists successfully created from the root website.
    So from the admin panel of the network website, i get:
    “Your playlist has been created succesfully.” but
    “No playlist yet, create you first playlist using the form above!”
    And it seems it does not alter the database when I want to create, list the playlists etc.
    Any idea please how to fix this?

    1. j3zz 9 months ago

      Merci de me tenir au courant.

    2. BrutalDesign 9 months ago


      Try to de-activate then re-activate the plugin to force the creation of the databse tables. You shouldn’t have any issue with multisite install..

  22. KarlF 10 months ago

    It’s a lovely simple player. I use the player on my site, but if there were two things that you could do it would be fantastic.

    1. Put the text of the play list in the player so you know which one you clicked, it also shows the user (who is unfamiliar with jplayer) that the song has been selected. Or maybe a highlight around the edge of the player and the song to show they are in “sync”.

    2. Show a “loading” or “……” in the player so the user knows that it’s starting to stream. some files take a while to load….


  23. Adam 10 months ago

    is it possible to set the shuffle mode to standard mode true? like in the code or somewhere.
    It would be great if you could tell me where i have to add a line of code.

    btw, i´m using your plugin and i´m reaaly happy with it. its great! 😀


    1. Ivan 2 months ago

      Did you solve this?

  24. stephen 10 months ago

    Hey there again @brutaldesign , its been months since i came back and still waiting for that crucial fix that is missing from this plugin, i told you months back about it and it seems it hasnt been noted even though its a MAJOR issue for the wiorking of the player in a widget for the sidebar, the problem as allready explained is with the scroll it works fine in ppout mode but if scrolling to a song in the sidebar after setting it to say scroll after 10, meaning clicking on any of the first 10 plays the song straight away but any of the songs scrolled further down when clicked makes the doesnt play the track it scrolls back 2 or three songs taking the song you want to play out of view then you have to scroll back to it a secondf time and then when you click it again it will then play. try it yourself its blatently obvious, this behaviour doesnt happen in popout mode though as it works fine then.

  25. Jordan 10 months ago

    Hi there,

    I really like the plugin!! Thanks a lot! I’m trying to edit the appearance a bit and would really appreciate some help…
    I would like to get rid of the extra space where the logo lives…I am not displaying a logo or the share icon and I moved down the the repeat/shuffle/etc icons to be aligned with the top of the play icon.
    There is now a lot of vertical space at the top that I would love to get rid of.
    Additionally, how to I edit the horizontal width of the plugin?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  26. Peter 11 months ago

    Would you be interested in doing some paid work to further customize this plugin? Mainly looking for a favorites feature so that logged in users can click a button to have an MP3 saved to their favorites list which would then be accessible later.

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      Unfortunately, I am not available for freelance work, but I note your suggestion. Thanks

  27. Sloan Simpson 11 months ago

    Is there a limit to the number of playlists I can create? I’ve made about 150 for my site so far, and need to make about 500 more . . .

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      Nope. No limit. You should be able to create as much playlists as your database and server can handle.

  28. Benjamin Sierra 11 months ago

    Awesome Plugin! I have, however, noticed a small issue. On some displays, It seems the Artwork for the playlist overlaps into the title info. I find it strange because this issue doesn’t present itself with playlist on your demo page.

  29. Ted Knecht 11 months ago

    J-player pop up returns a 404. How can I fix this?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      Did you try to re-fresh your permalinks (admin -> settings -> reading -> hit save)


  30. Nuno Pinto da Cruz 11 months ago


    Thanks for your great plugin!
    There is one issue with my website: why are there some songs on the list with an overlay gray filter and not the others? It seems totally random.

    Thank you!

  31. Gabster 11 months ago

    Hey there,

    it seems I cannot set a transparent background as the color is set as !important. Can you change this bevavior?

    1. Gabster 11 months ago

      Just found the opacity setting…it seems not to work with 0% so 1 is fine for no Background…

  32. Jason 11 months ago

    Anyway to get the songs to shuffle each time the player is loaded automatically?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      This is option is not availbze in the plugin, sorry

    2. Ivan 2 months ago

      I would love this feature as well please :)

  33. Naeem 12 months ago

    I’ve noticed that the player doesn’t work on my android mobile device. Is there a fix for this?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      I’m working on a fix for google on android ATM. Should work fine with the default browser though

  34. Gabster 12 months ago

    Oh Please could you ad the feature that the title is taken from the filename? WordPress is already doing this, when uploading the file.

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago


      Good idea. Thx for the suggestion.

  35. Jaime Lopes 12 months ago

    Hi, i’ve just discovered this plugin today, and it seems to do almost everything I want it to do, the only thing is that when you click the download link, it just opens a new tab and plays the mp3 (I’ve only checked this in firefox). This a problem we have battled with for years on our sites, as our users are often emailing to say “How do I download the mp3, it just plays when I click the link” (
    Would there be any possibility of fixing this in a future release?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      You can download the file by right click -> save link as.
      I will see if I can improve that..

  36. Gabster 1 year ago

    Can it handle attached mp3 files from a page/post?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      The player use the wordpress media manager to upload your song. So you can use any song from your media library

  37. Joan Walsh 1 year ago

    If i could just edit the plugin with code… If you could show me the code, and where exactly in the wolf jplayer plugin editor i could put it – I could use to – 1. disable ‘share’ button option. 2. add a ‘Go to’ button (like the itune, etc buttons).

    I would really appreciate fed back and advise on this. thanks, joan

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      you can use some CSS to hide the share button

  38. Rob 1 year ago

    could you make it where i could post single tracks on posts , like a shortcode generator for each track in the future? I just like to post single tracks also from the ease of your plugin.

    And how could i style the iframe versions css of my playlist? edit the core files??

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      You can use the WP player for single songs.
      This plugin is focused on playlist only

  39. Joan Walsh 1 year ago

    Thanks so much. Fantastic playlist player. I just found your Wolf Playlist JPlayer today :)

    I have tested it out and sorted tracks and images (haven’t done a logo yet)

    I have two questions / requests –

    1. you know the ‘share’ button up on the right –
    – is there any chance of being able to disable that feature? as for me, I do not want to share the track list out of context. The Playlist will be in a post / page with a write up that goes with it. If someone wanted to share it, I would prefer they share the whole post / page that goes with the playlist.

    2. the URL button choices with logos ( great ! ) and the free download click box choice –
    – Is there any chance of also including a URL button for purely a post or page, and some logo / tag symbol to show that. As I would like the choice to direct anyone to the page / post the track(s) relates to.

    Anyways, I thought I would ask. Thanks so much. Joan

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago


      1/ You can hide the share button with some CSS


      I will add an option for that later

      2 / I don’t think a will add this feature sorry

  40. Sergio 1 year ago

    Hi there,

    I have translated your great plugin wolf jplayer into Turkish and can send you .po/mo files if you can give me your email address.

    PS:There is one string is missing on the original default po file
    Number of songs to display before showing a scrollbar(../wolf-player.php line 362)


    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      Thanks a lot!
      Pls send me the files to

      I will update the file for the missing string in the next update


  41. Wesley 1 year ago


    I installed it and it allowed me to create my first playlist but now after putting the shortcode into the page on my wordpress site it only imports a rectangle and the color that i chose it to be. Nothing else… then when i adjust the CSS attribute (.wolf-jplayer-loader-overlay { width from 100% to 0px) by viewing the browser in developer mode it seems to display some of the player content but says my browser or flash plugin is outdated… after which i update etc and still nothing… ANY HELP PLEASE?

  42. Randy 1 year ago

    I’m trying another HTML5 jukebox as I never heard back from you regarding the missing audio controls and scrollbar with more than one wpwolf jplayer on the same page (posted . I’d like to pay you to fix the problem as the other jukebox is not as easy to set up. Please reply to my query. I posted this problem on May 25th and again on May 30th and June 10th. The web link will not show your player at the moment as I’m trying out the previously mention player. If you need me to reactivate wpwolf player so you can debug the problem, let me know and I will do so.

    Thanks for your help…

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago


      Sorry if I missed your request. It is kind of weired because you should actually be able to post several playlist on the same page..
      Could you post a ticket on the forum with your website URL?
      I can’t guarantee I will fix your issue but me or Gareth will take a look into this.


  43. Stylez 1 year ago

    Is it possible to use this plugin dynamically within a user profile setting and give them the opportunity to upload and host their own playlist?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      Unfortunately no

  44. tom 1 year ago

    Love this player – it is exactly what I have been looking for! I have one question – is there a way to have different players with different configurations. For example, I have one player which is on a protected page so I need to disable the share button on that page. But leave it on the other players which only have song samples.

    I saw your css for disabling the share icon in css, and that works, but that would disable everywhere on the site and I need it only disabled on certain players or pages.

    .wolf-jp-share-icon { display:none!important; }

    I also agree with someone else who asked for a way to have the logo link to somewhere.

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      This has been request several times. I will add an option to disable the share option in the next update. Cheers

  45. Ray 1 year ago

    is there any way to make this accessible through the post screen?

    1. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      Not sure to understand… I would say no :\

  46. Song Placement International 1 year ago

    Hello. Great plugin. Have used it for my business and has worked great until now, I am suddenly having an issue of not being able to creat more playlists, can’t change the name of current playlists, if I delete playlists already made it doesn’t help. Trying to meet my deadlines with pitching songs, please help. Thanks :)

    1. Wesley 1 year ago

      Hey, please help me… im battling to make it work… read a comment i just posted regarding my issue… What could be the issue for me?

    2. BrutalDesign 10 months ago

      I’m kind of lost with your issue. Thats’ odd..