It can be tricky to find a reliable company to host your WordPress website. If you use a decent theme with a few functional plugins, you may need at least a bit of performance to run your pages smoothly.


Most of the time, low-budget hosts’ basic offers won’t be enough to get the best of your website. A bad hosting service can impact your site’s loading speed, or even leads your visitors to an unexpected error page.

This post’s purpose is not to review each of these 5 hosters extensively but just to show you the right direction based on my experience. These are also the hosting service companies I recommend using with our themes.

Note that if you need to host several super huge websites or even a very big multisite WordPress installation, you may look for a dedicated server. I personally use Digital Ocean to host big projects like our WordPress themes‘ live demos.

So here are 5 of the best solutions to host your WordPress website:

1. SiteGround

This one is the first on the list because I personally use it for personal and side-project websites. It always has been reliable and user-friendly. Siteground is around for a while now and as far as I remember (working with WordPress for around 10 years now) it always has specialized in WordPress hosting. You can go wrong with this one.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel is a good alternative, it is WordPress oriented too and it is also developer friendly. I use their local server tool named simply “Local” by Flywheel. It allows you to set up a local WordPress installation in a breath and it works right away. As they rightfully say, “an effortless way to develop WordPress sites locally”. I couldn’t agree more.

3. Bluehost

I also used Bluehost in the past. They offer a simple-to-use cPanel and I think it is mostly a nice option for beginners. If you’re new to WordPress and looking for something simple and affordable this one can do the trick.

4. DreamHost

I added this one to the list to get to five (lol) but in fact, I never tried their service. However, I never heard any complaints from users setting up their websites there. As far as I know, it is really similar to Bluehost, and it is even recommended on the WordPress website itself.


Ionos (formerly 1&1) is less known but also does the job. I also used their services in the past (I may have a few domains registered there) and I never had any complains. It is EU based, so if your visitors are mainly from Europe, this is a good solution as their servers are mainly based in Germany.


Digital Ocean

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, if you’re a more advanced user or a developer, you may need something bigger, with more allocated space and more flexible performances. In this case, I definitely recommend Digital Ocean. If you choose to set up your own server with these guys though, you will need some basic server management knowledge. This is not recommended for beginners and people who need a simple WordPress website.