A plugin to display a message at the top of your page

Wolf Message Bar is a WordPress plugin to display a message at the top of your page.

You can use this plugin to advise visitors that your website uses cookies.

You can choose between pre-made 3 colors or set your own color.

Your message can contain text, HTML, and shortcodes.

Download v1.1.5

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Version: 1.1.5

Created: 4 years ago

Updated: 3 months ago


Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the plugin zip folder by clicking on the "Download" button above.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go in plugins -> add new, and choose the "upload" option.
  3. Upload the plugin zip folder and click on "Activate plugin".


Being a free product, this plugin is distributed as-is without official support. Verified customers however, who have purchased a premium theme will have access to support for this plugin in the forums.


20 February 2017 - Version 1.1.5

  • Tweak: Allow to close message permanently
  • Tweak: PHP template tag no longer needed

6 March 2014 - Version 1.1.4

  • Tweak: Set default font for plus and close sign
  • Tweak: A more specific close link id to avoid eventual JS conflict

3 March 2014 - Version 1.1.3

  • Tweak: Update menu icon for the new WP admin
  • Tweak: Clean up

08 September 2013 - Version 1.1.2

  • Tweak: Added colorpicker in options
  • Tweak: Increase z-index to improve CSS compatibility

28 August 2013 - Version 1.1.1

  • Tweak: Now uses the WordPress update system

08 June 2013 - Version 1.1

  • Tweak: Improved update notification system

19 March 2013 - Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

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  1. prateek mishra

    how to add them in blogger.blogger do not support any php file so is there any other option to add this in my blog

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