Wolf WooCommerce Wishlist is a WordPress plugin that adds a wishlist feature to your WooCommerce shop.

Simply install and activate this plugin then click on the admin notice to create your WooCommerce wishlist page and you’re good to go!

Wolf WooCommerce Wishlist uses AJAX to allow your customers to add the products they like to their wishlist without reloading the page. Non-logged-in visitors are also able to create their wishlist.

You can check out the live demo of the plugin combined with André, our WooCommerce theme designed for Wolf WooCommerce Wishlist.

Download v1

Version: 1

Created: 7 years ago


Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the plugin zip folder by clicking on the "Download" button above.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go in plugins -> add new, and choose the "upload" option.
  3. Upload the plugin zip folder and click on "Activate plugin".

Being a free product, this plugin is distributed as-is without official support. Verified customers however, who have purchased a premium theme will have access to support for this plugin in the forums.